Merlin - BJ + CM


This is my second mixtape featuring probably my favorite ship of all time: Ron and Hermione! :) Anyway, this mix doesn't surround any particular book out of the series, but instead, it is a mix that describes their general relationship: the ups, the downs, and especially the moments where they keep their feelings towards one another a secret.


TITLE - I'd Lose It All For You
SUBJECT - Ron & Hermione; general.
No. OF SONGS - 10 [1 .mp3, 3 .wma and 6 .m4a]

OTHER NOTES - Most tracks are in M4A format, there are a few WMA and MP3s, but not many--those will be indicated near the download link. Also, individual songs are included for your convenience, that way, you don't have to download a song already on your computers/notebooks.

I'd Lose It All For You are lyrics from Jon McLaughlin's song, Already In.

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Merlin - BJ + CM


So this mixtape is of the mushy, soap-box stuff. There's plenty of lovey-dovey goodness to go around! :) Anyway, here's a bit of information before-hand:

TITLE - Come Away With Me
SUBJECT - Edward & Bella; semi-Twilight.
No. OF SONGS - 10 [4 .wma and 6 .mp3]

OTHER INFO - Graphics and individual songs are behind the cut. That way, in case you already have those songs on your computers, iPODs or MP3s, you don't have to download them again.

For the four .WMA versions, .M4A versions will be provided later. Does anyone know how to convert? :S

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Merlin - BJ + CM


These were some of my favorite quotes from Stephanie Meyer's, Twilight, so I decided to icon them! They're my first-ever icon quotes, so constructive criticism (suggestions on colors, text space, alignment, etc) is always welcome!

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Merlin - BJ + CM

Requests, Suggestions & Questions

I created this entry to serve one purpose: to make it easier for folks such as yourselves to contact me when you'd like to

  1. Make a REQUEST of some sort such as an icon, tutorial or resource. For ICONS, it would help immensely if you could provide me with images I could choose from, colors and lightness/darkness preference, text and font, the style, textures, etc. In other words, the more specific, the better! :) For TUTORIALS, please send me the link[s] to the icon[s] you'd like me to write a tutorial for! To do so, Right Click >> Properties.
  2. Make a SUGGESTION; like icon/graphic ideas and such.
  3. Ask a QUESTION; affiliation, "how did you do that" sort of questions.
  4. REPORT broken images, etc, which would be greatly appreciated!